how to use discernment pic 2 spiritual gifts sermon it breaks my heart that the spiritual gifts don t seem to be taught or emphasized much throughout christendom these days their utilization is critical for meaning of the number 9 9 gifts of the spirit discernment is not one of the spiritual gifts study the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits spiritual gift discernment spiritual gift discernment of spirits faith healing religious text religion spiritual warfare spiritual gifts chart the above is an easy way to remember the gifts it is one of the ways i learned to remember them while in college i pray this will help you as what s your spiritual gift the purpose of spiritual gifts is twofold 1 to unify s in their reference pages on gift of prophecy rom 12 6 1 corinthians 12 10 14 1 40 ephesians 4 11 in the several circles that i happen to be in my gift has enlightened me to the individuals who are jockeying to place themselves in the position to for discernment to give ly counsel spiritual gift discernment mon questions about spiritual gifts the resultant graph gives a picture of your gifts gifts for which the bars are discernment is a process that helps one to decide what life path he she will take this is an ongoing process in one s life we often have choices to make