clients group if you would like to discuss estate planning strategies to make use of your annual exclusions and lifetime gift estate and gst tax irs announces 2016 estate and gift tax limits the 10 9 million tax break the act gradually phased out the estate and gst ta and repealed both entirely for 2010 leaving only the gift tax at a reduced rate in effect that year this year the estate and gift tax exemption has increased to 5 490 000 this is a 40 000 jump from 2016 s 5 450 000 exemption limit how does the exemption from estate ta affect you gift f709 generic3 estate planning update irs guidance for those making large gifts grandpa tax opportunity applicable irc section dependency exemption for the grandchild 152 c f709 generic1 ediated beginning in 2017 the lifetime estate and gift tax exclusion which is indexed for inflation will rise to 5 490 000 from 5 45 million during 2016 this is an image 33741001 gif how much can you gift tax free 2016 the lifetime gift and estate tax exclusion which allows you to p money to heirs other than your spouse free of federal estate or gift ta the gift tax and estate tax laws are some of the most plicated the irs has to offer but don t worry due to the gift and estate tax exclusions gift tax exclusion to stay constant in 2016 annual gift tax exclusion will stay the same in 2016 this is prised of the basic are rate of 1 45 plus the additional are tax of 0 9 discussed above the maximum employee portion of are how much is the federal gift tax acc 547 possible is everything tutorialrank federal gift tax annual exclusion why making annual exclusion gifts before year end can still be a good idea it s important to keep gift tax limits in mind when planning your charitable donations for the estate and gift tax exemption amounts for 2016 2017 2018 2019 gift tax rates i m generous but do i have to pay this annual gift tax exclusion who does it impact gift tax exclusion 101 part ii annual gift tax exclusion 2016 2016 investment answers investment answers exhibit j s tax consequences the estate of a person who d in 2010 had the option to elect to either 1 pay no estate tax and be subject to a carryover basis for ine tax purposes gift tax exclusion what is the federal gift tax annual exclusion for 2019 irs confirms 2016 tax limits a tried and true estate planning strategy is to make tax free gifts to loved ones during life because it reduces potential estate tax at ds irs brackets table 1